What Is the Single Biggest Mistake Cyclists Make in Their Training Program?

In a recent interview with Coach Dave Jordaan aka CyberCycleCoach, we asked him what the single biggest mistake cyclists make in their training programs?

His answer: Riding too, hard too much or in his words “You Have To Go Slow To Go Fast”. Dave bases his ‘Power Meter Based Cycling’ programs on pure science by perfectly balancing CT (Continuous Training) i.e. going slow, vs HIT (High Intensity Intervals) i.e. going fast. He stated that in order to avoid compromising performance, overreaching and overtraining he designs 80% of total saddle time to be focused on lower stress level workouts and limits short, high-intensity training or racing efforts to around 20% of saddle time. CT is calculated as training below the lactate turn point of 120% of Functional Threshold Power. To read more on this subject click here.