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8 of the Latest Tech Gear and Trends for Cyclists

Whether cycling is just a hobby or a competitive sport, everyone can benefit from the latest tech gear being developed. From measuring your power to contacting your loved ones in the event of an accident, cyclists are in better hands with many of these products.

Garmin Varia VisionGarmin Varia Vision

This lightweight cycling display device can be attached to your glasses while you are riding. It will put your cycling stats such as your heart rate, power, and speed directly in your line of sight, without distracting you while cycling. It also informs you once you have completed a lap, or when you have received a call or text from your phone.

Weighing at just 28 grams, this nifty device is never bulky and is comfortable to wear. Its ergonomic design also allows you to easily switch displays, even while wearing a glove. It also comes with an ambient light sensor so you can easily view your data even if you experiencing a glare of the sun.

Garmin Connect InsightsGarmin Connect Insights

This app helps Garmin Connect users achieve their fitness goals (on & off the bike). By analyzing the data from the Garmin Connect community, Insights can also provide personalized goal recommendations based on how you compare against other users. This will be based on your age and gender. The app also analyzes your daily steps and provides cues that will serve as a reminder whenever you slack off. The app also sends out congratulatory messages whenever a milestone is achieved. Other features include sleep analysis, videos, news articles, and expert tips.

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo fitness

The Wahoo Fitness app pairs seamlessly with Bluetooth sensors, allowing you to measure, monitor, and record your training and workout data, such as the following:

  • GPS & distance
  • heart rate
  • calories burned
  • pedal cadence
  • body weight
  • elevation profile wattage

Use the app to record data whenever you cycle, run, or hike, and then have the data uploaded to your favorite training websites such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal.

Map My Ride

Map My Run

Use this software to choose from millions of bike routes, or map out and create your own. Aside from its main function as a route mapping software, this app also offers online training tools and nutrition tracking calculators. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface and is available as a free download.

The premium version, which costs $5.99 per month, allows the app to determine the most appropriate biking route for you based on your starting point, ending point, goals and how far you wish to go. The paid version also removes annoying popup ads, provides additional cycling training plans, gives real-time tracking which you can share through social media, and a fitness analysis for your heart rate, power, and cadence.

Bike Doctor

If your bike seems to be on the verge of breaking down whenever you’re on the road, and if you have already spent a small fortune on bike repair shops, then the Bike Doctor will be the best $4.99 you could ever spend. This app is like having your own personal bike mechanic in your pocket.

It provides step-by-step troubleshooting tutorials to help you fix the mechanical troubles you will most likely encounter. Even if you’re technically challenged, Bike Doctor is very easy to use and allows you to detect mechanical problems and perform safety checks.

Power Tap

Power Tap

As a cyclist, one of the most important purchases that you can make is a power meter. Being successful at the sport has a lot to do with your power-to-weight ratio or watts per kilogram. In cycling, power is defined by how hard you pedaled, multiplied by how fast you pedal. So measuring your wattage or power is essentially measuring how much work you are performing.

PowerTap Power Meter accurately measures your wattage. Whenever you ride, you are working against air pressure, gravity, and tire resistance. The larger the amount of power you put forth against these elements, the faster you’ll go. A power meter does a great job of measuring your power output. Although this device can be expensive, it has become an important tool for those who seriously want to make improvements.

FLY12 Camera by cycliq

Fly12 Camera

Fly12 is a 1080p HD camera/light combo, which records video as you bike. This device is handy when you want to share an amazing bike experience with your pals. Also, there are accidents that can happen while you’re out riding that you wish had been documented on camera. With this, you can show the footage to your California bicycle attorney.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

ICEdot Crash Sensor

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is a digital safety device that can recognize head impacts or crashes. By strapping the ICEdot Crash Sensor on your helmet and entering your personal information, it can detect a severe impact to the head, alert your emergency contacts of your accident, send GPS coordinates telling where you are, and provide information to first responders of your name, medications, and allergies. This safety device is great when you prefer cycling on your own, as it provides your loved ones the ability to send medical help and contact a bike injury lawyer should the need arise.

With the plethora of tech wearables, safety devices, and smart apps available, you can get unprecedented data insights, even with your hands on your handlebars. This enables you to become a better cyclist.

But even if you have all of the latest gear and apps with you, road mishaps can still happen. It is helpful to be well informed about California bike laws. If such an event does occur, you will need the best legal advice that you can get, and that means getting the help of an expert in the field of cycling injury laws. Contact Bike Legal for a free case evaluation or if you have any questions or concerns at (800) 449-4850