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10 New Bike Safety Items Revealed

Our community of cyclists shares a passion for riding, but it’s important to recognize the risks we face every time we head out on the road. The good news is, there’s lots of new technology that can help to minimize those risks.

As we kick off a new year, it’s a great time to highlight the new and best bike safety items on the market. Here’s a look at ten innovative gadgets and come exciting technology that is on the horizon.

1. Coros OMNI Smart Helmet

The Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet is a high-tech piece of sports gear which aims to increase a rider's level of awareness, freedom, and safety. The key features include:

  • Two-way audio powered by bone conduction technology. In simple terms, that means you can listen to music, answer calls, or use voice navigation without putting in headphones.
  • Remote control for hands-free audio and call management.
  • LED safety illumination to provide visibility in the day and at night.
  • A corresponding mobile app for voice navigation, GPS data, ride details, saving routes, and data sharing.

Riders can enjoy being connected while maintaining full-environmental awareness.

2. Wink Bar Smart Handlebars

The Wink Bar is a smart handlebar that connects to your smartphone. The key features include:

  • GPS navigation: It includes a patented system for safe navigation called WinkNav
  • Light signals: Signals on the handlebar indicate your direction of travel based on the GPS
  • Flashlights: An intelligent lighting system with 224 lumens allows for front-side visibility at any time day or night
  • Dedicated mobile app: The app allows you to visualize your fitness statistics and offers a list of special services tailored to the needs of cyclists.
  • Bike tracking: Tracking technology in case your bike is stolen (for an additional cost).

The Wink Bar can be added to any bike and will help you stay safe by enabling hands-free navigation and increasing your visibility.

3. Orbi Prime Video

Orbi has released the first 360-degree video recording eyewear. Here are the specs:

  • 90 minutes of recording time
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with sport helmets
  • Ultra HD in 360 degrees
  • Instant mobile sharing
  • Polarized adaptive lenses
  • No mounts
  • True first-person viewing
  • Lightweight polycarbonate frame
  • Two full-HD front cameras
  • Two full-HD rear cameras
  • Two low-power video processing units
  • A wireless transceiver

With these glasses, you can not only record great rides effortlessly, but you will also have high-quality video footage if you are ever in an accident. This is very helpful in a legal case!

4. R-Pur Anti-pollution Mask

Want to go for a ride without worrying about pollution? The new R-Pur anti-pollution mask is the first of its kind to be designed for 2-wheel users. It filters out toxic particles, diesel, pollen, viruses, and bacteria in the air. Further, it also offers a level of comfort and style. Ride near the road without compromising your health.

5. Cosmo Connected’s Cosmo Bike Light

Next up is the Cosmo Connected bike light; the first removable helmet brake light connected to an app. It is visible in all types of weather, during the day, and at night. As you decelerate, it lights up more brightly. Other features include fall detection technology, GPS, and an e-call option that alerts emergency services within five minutes of an accident. Additionally, it can notify your relatives by SMS if you fall. To add it to your helmet, you simply remove the outer sticker from the double adhesive strip and secure the Cosmo to the back of your helmet.

6. LINKA Mounted Smart Bike Lock

LINKA has created the first mounted smart bike lock. You can mount it on the back wheel or the front fork of a bike. It works in combination with the LINKA app on the user’s smartphone (compatible with Android v4.4 or higher and iOS phones above the iPhone 4s).

You can lock/unlock the LINKA manually from your phone, or can set it to automatically unlock when you approach the bike. It prevents theft by locking the wheel in place. If anyone tampers with your bike when it is locked, a 100dB siren will sound. If your phone is connected to the lock via Bluetooth and you are within range (400 feet), you will get notifications of any tampering that occurs.  

The battery life is estimated to last up to 16 months, and it is made from a 9mm hardened steel shackle. The LINKA helps to make bike security more convenient and effective.

7. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

Bone conduction technology comes through again in the Treks Titanium wireless stereo headphones. These are a safe alternative to traditional sports headphones with their open ear design. Features include:

  • Premium music play
  • Calling
  • Sweatproof
  • Made of lightweight titanium
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Dual-noise canceling microphones
  • Voice control

If you don’t want to invest in the helmet but want to hear music and make calls without obstructing your ears, these headphones can provide a cheaper alternative.

8. IceDOT Crash Sensor

The ICEdot crash sensor is designed to be mounted on your helmet and connected to a mobile application. It detects motion, impacts, and changes in forces. When dangerous head forces occur, it sounds an alarm on the app and starts an emergency countdown clock. If you don’t stop the clock, the app notifies emergency contacts of your GPS coordinates by text message. This can help ensure you are safe in the event of an accident that leaves you unable to call for help.

9. Light & Motion Urban 500 Headlight

The better you can see, and the better others can see you, the less likely you are to get in an accident. Wirecutter voted this headlight from Light and Motion the best to improve visibility without spending a fortune. The light has amber side lights and daytime pulse modes. You can mount it to a helmet or your handlebars, it’s water-resistant, durable, and rechargeable by micro USB.

10. Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150 Taillight

Lastly, Wirecutter named this taillight the best, saying you can see it from a block away in the day or at night, it has great battery life, and it’s more affordable than comparable products. The specs are:

  • 150 Lumen light
  • Adjustable brightness and flash speeds
  • Up to 210 hours of battery life per charge

Mount this on the back of your bike to ensure you’re seen from behind.

Bicycle-to-Vehicle (B2V) Tech Coming Soon!

We are also very excited to see the announcement made at the 2018 CES about Trek Bicycle working with Ford and Tome Software to create a bicycle-to-vehicle (B2V) communication system. While there has been a focus on getting cars to communicate with each other, pedestrians and bicyclists, have been largely overlooked. Until now.

The B2V system will alert drivers of bicycles on the road. Further, the company has said the software will be brand-agnostic so that they can license it to companies as an industry standard. This could be a huge step in the right direction for peace between vehicles and cyclists.

Stay Safe on the Road

While cycling does come with inherent risks, these products can help to keep you safer. At Bike Legal, we have seen many of the worst-case scenarios, so know first-hand how important it is to take preventative action.

If you have already been in an accident and would like to speak with legal cycling experts who can help you recover from your losses, contact us at (800) 449-4850 or online for a free consultation.